The Studio Headshot Session Rate


This includes:

  • no time limit

  • unlimited outfit changes

  • one on one coaching

  • multiple backgrounds

  • advice on final image selection

After the session you will have the opportunity to select your final images. You only pay for the images you want (Images are $45 each). This puts you in control of the final cost


Where are you located?

My studio is at 1400 Aliceanna St in Baltimore.  I'm at the corner of Aliceanna and Eden. 

Do you have parking?

There is plenty of street parking available. There is also a paid garage at the corner of Eden and Fleet. 

Why just one session type?

My one headshot session covers all the bases. There is no time constraint. We’ll shoot until we are both happy. There’s no limit on the number of looks. Bring as many outfits as you would like. You’re not stuck with one background. We’ll shoot with multiple backgrounds. Most importantly you are not paying for more images than you need. Only pay for the retouched images you want. You are in control of the final price.

Do you release unretouched or RAW images?

For quality control reason I do not release unretouched or RAW images to my clients.

What should I wear to my headshot session?

Fit: An ill fitting garment is a deal breaker. You'll look thinner in something more fitted as opposed to something boxy. Formality: Think meeting or audition  Colors: Avoid the combination of black and white. Black is fine, white is fine, just don't wear them together. Avoid the color red. Otherwise go with what you like. I personally like shades of grey and jewel tones. Jewelry: Think studs and pearls  Patterns: Leave them at home  Final thought: Bring extra stuff. Better to have and not need than to need and not have.

Do you shoot inside or outside?

Yes.  I primarily shoot in the studio but will venture outside to shoot a more cinematic style headshot from time to time.