Todd Dring portrait-16.jpg

My first camera was a 110 Kodak Instamatic.  You know, the tiny little 70’s gem that fit right in your pocket.  If you were fortunate enough to find yourself in front of my camera back then you were almost certainly guaranteed a photo of yourself sans-head or, if you were really lucky, a photo of yourself covered by my finger.

Photography got pushed to the back burner for a while.  Sure, I still dabbled here and there but I was living my dream working in what I like to call post health care.  I was a Funeral Director until I woke up one day and found too many suits in my closet and not enough lenses.

I said good bye to the tinted windows and dark suits and “hello old friend” to photography. Now I spend my days in my Baltimore studio coaxing expressions from the living. 

I don’t shoot real estate.  I’m not your guy for product photography.  Nope, no weddings.  Not bringing my camera to your kid’s birthday party.  No, I’m not interested in shooting your wife in her nighty but if you need a headshot, I’m your man.  I also shoot dramatic editorial style portraits and if you’re bold enough, I’ll be happy to shoot one of you.